Dog Fence In-Ground Twisted Wire 100 Feet 18 GAUGE Solid Core Heavy Duty





Twisted wire is used in almost all electric pet fence installations. Twisting two dog fence wires together creates a neutral wire that your dog can cross without receiving a warning or correction. The most common use of twisted wire is for connecting the transmitter box (installed in your home or garage) to the boundary loop. Twisted wire is also used to connect an island loop (exclusion zone) to the main perimeter loop. See our information section on Neutral Twisted Wire for more details on using twisted wire in your dog fence installation.


  • 100 Foot Spool
  • Cancels out the signal allowing your pet to cross
  • Heavy Duty 18 Gauge Solid Core Copper
  • HMWPE coating for maximum sunlight and waterproof protection
  • ROHS Compliant

This wire is compatible with all PetSafe®, SportDOG®, Innotek®, Invisible Fence® Brand, Dog Watch® PetStop®, Contain Your Pet®, Dog Guard®, Perimeter® Brand, Dogtek®, Dogtra®, Guardian®, Havahart® and all other brands of in-ground electric dog fence systems.

How to Use Twisted Wire

Connect the twisted wire to the control box (transmitter) located in your garage or house. Run the twisted wire out to the edge of the boundary where you will install your wire around your yard. Splice one end of the twisted wire to one end of the boundary wire. Run the boundary wire around your containment area and splice the remaining ends of the twisted wire and boundary wire.

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