Invisible Fence Dog Collar Battery Packs Perimeter IFA-001 fit R21,R22,R51

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Model #: IFA-001
Retail: $15.95-159.50
Our Price: $10.95-89.95
You Save: $5.00-69.55

How It Works
These 3-volt lithium-ion batteries will replace your Invisible Fence brand Powercap R21, R22, R51, and MicroLite dog fence collars - at a fraction of the cost! They fit all Platinum, Titanium, Mink and graphite Series Receivers.

They are manufactured by Perimeter Technologies and designed by the former Chief Engineer at Invisible Fence Company. They are manufactured in the United States of America just like all Perimeter Technologies products. 
Many dog owners report getting a 6 month battery life out of each of our Invisible Fence Brand compatible batteries. The shelf life on these batteries is six years.



  • 3-volt lithium-ion battery
  • Average battery life of 4-6 months
  • Average shelf life of 6 years
  • Rubber gasket provides a water tight seal
  • Tamper proof design with coin slot for battery removal
  • Stronger contact material for better conductivity
  • Designed and Manufactured in the USA


Box Includes

  • Replacement batteries in quantity you indicate 


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