Invisible Fence PetSafe Dog Watch Extra Long Dog Collar Prongs Probes Contacts



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Do you need to replace your Pets' contact posts?  If they're worn, damaged, or you need a different length - replace them with new Premium Quality Perimeter Technologies hypo-allergenic stainless steel contact posts, available in four sizes to suit all coat types.  These posts are perfectly made to fit your Invisible Fence, Contain-a-Pet, PetSafe, Perimeter, or DogWatch brand pet fence receiver, and some Petsafe Professional dog fence collars.  The contact post tips are machined smooth for your pet's comfort and safety.  The threaded shaft has a thread locking compound pre-applied so your pet's activities won't shake the posts loose.  Perimeter Technologies is the most innovative company in the pet fence industry, making the best premium pet fence products on the market today.
Perimeter Technologies Contact Posts are designed to fit
  • Invisible Fence Dog Fence Collars [All Models]
  • DogWatch Hidden Fence Collars [All Models]
  • Contain-a-Pet Pet Containment Collars [All Models] 
  • Perimeter Pet Fence Collars [All Models]
  • PetSafe Underground or Wireless Fencing Collar

  • Long (7/8") Suitable for dogs with long or thick coats, or excess skin at contact points.  EXAMPLES: Golden Retriever, Sheltie

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