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Midwest iCrate Double Door - Versatile, Light-Weight, Great for Traveling, Unbeatable Value, With Two Door Versatility!


Double Door Midwest iCrates are a folding-style wire crate available in 7 sizes suitable for dogs anywhere from 1 - 110 lbs.

iCrates are cost effective and model-for-model they are lighter and less expensive than the other Midwest wire crates; you get more crate for your money and combined with the Double Door flexibility are a great choice.

Note: the lighter weight is because the wire used to build the crate is thinner and spaced further apart than other models. iCrates are suited to calm and well-behaved dogs.

If the 2-Door iCrate suits your situation and your dogs temperament, you'll be delighted to learn that it is feature-packed and designed with great attention to detail. In fact your iCrate should last the lifetime of your pet, providing your dog with the comfortable and secure den that she desires!

Two Door Convenience

The Double Door construction allows more flexibility in placing the crate in your home. With a Single Door crate, the crate must be placed to allow you to access the end door only. With an additional door on the side, the Midwest iCrate Double Door can be placed in the corner of a room, say in a location that would cover the end door, but leave the side door available for entry and exit.

This is a particular benefit on the larger crates, for people with limited space who will need more options on crate placement, or if you want to place the crate sideways in the back of your vehicle.

Folds Easily, No Tools Required for Easy Transportation and Storage

Because the crate folds, you can can take it with you when you travel, and combined with the lighter weight (relative to other wire crates) it is particularly suitable for people who need the security of a wire crate while traveling with their dog.

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A Host of Great Features

  • Double door - more options on how you place the crate which can save space in the home.
  • Side door access - crate can be turned sideways in the back of a vehicle and the side door allows for easy entry and exit.
  • Secure latch system - easy to operate with a simple, yet ingenious, “locking” mechanism.
  • Folds up and down in seconds - take it with you when you travel, or fold it away when not in use.
  • Collapses without tools - makes it a snap to assemble and disassemble.
  • Folds in one piece - clever folding mechanism keeps the crate together when folded, so no parts to lose!
  • Latches when folded - keeps the crate from unfolding when you carry it; just un-clip when you need to assemble.
  • Our lightest wire crate - model-for-model the lightest weight of all of the wire crates making the iCrate particularly suitable for people who need the security of a wire crate, but travel frequently
  • Includes FREE Divider Panel - saves you money; one crate is all you need from puppy to adult.
  • Adjusts to suit your growing dog - divider panel cuts housebreaking time in half by keeping puppy from eliminating in one end and sleeping in the other.
  • Divider panel installs on any vertical bar - allows you to adjust the length of the living area as your puppy grows into her adult sized home.
  • ABS Plastic Pan included - provides a flat floor for the comfort of your dog, plus it is waterproof and will contain spills if he has an accident!
  • Pan stop mechanism - keeps the pan in place in the crate, then un-clips to allow the pan to be removed for cleaning.
  • Includes carrying handle(s) - one or two (depending on model) removable carrying handles help you to easily transport the crate.
  • Black electro-coated finish - attractive, non-toxic, last-lasting, rust-resistant finish keeps your crate looking like new.
  • Rounded crate corners - no sharp edges for the safety of you, your two-legged and four-legged family!


Our Lowest Priced Wire Crate!

Prices do vary by model. The iCrate is the most cost effective crate so you get more crate for your money.

Crate Sizing

iCrate 1518DD 18"L x 12"W x 14"H XXSmall

iCrate 1522DD 22"L x 13"W x 16"H XSmall

iCrate 1524DD 24"L x 18"W x 19"H Small

iCrate 1530DD 30"L x 19"W x 21"H Medium

iCrate 1536DD 36"L x 23"W x 25"H Large

iCrate 1542DD 42"L x 28"W x 30"H XLarge

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