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SmartScoop Self-Scooping Litter Box eliminates odor, the need for daily scooping and the need to touch a dirty litter box!

SmartScoop is motion activated so once the cat leaves the litter box, an internal timer will count down for 15 minutes, allowing for the clumping process to take place. The waste unit will then move, raking the clump forward and into the waste tray. The waste unit will then return to its original position for the next time the cat uses the litter box.

For a single cat home, it is recommended to change the No-Touch Waste Bags once a week and Activated Carbon filter once a month. For a multi-cat home, change the bag and filter more frequently.

The litter box’s monitoring features, which are sent via Bluetooth to the IntelligentPetLink smartphone app, report: elimination behavior, frequency and duration. Litter box maintenance (i.e. bag changes). When the litter box requires attention. Inventory control management. Alerts when other animals, wearing the unique SmartLink Tag, are near. The SmartScoop unit comes with four Universal No-Touch Waste Bags and a Universal Carbon Filter.

Features & Benefits:

° Smart sensor for triggered activation of cleaning cycle

° Easier to operate and maintain than the competition

° Large usable litter area, perfect for a single or multi-cat home (litter area is 14" w x 16" d)

° Unit measures 18.25" w x 25.5" d x 7.5" h

° Litter catching mat measures 14" w x 12" d x 1" h

° Uses a single assembly motor unit and waste collector

° Heavy duty and easy-to-clean litter pan

° Modern and clean appearance

° Works with your favorite clumping litter; no need to buy costly, special    litter

° AC power cord runs on the outside of the box

° One-year warranty!



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