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Digital circuitry in this state of the art design provides a strong signal and maintains accuracy over all temperature ranges. It is extra rugged so it won't get damaged during your dog's "ruffhousing".

With a robust, fully enclosed ultrasonic transducer speaker, it is immersible to 6ft., and although we don't recommend immersing your dog in 6 ft. of water without scuba gear, and we don't recommend regularly swimming while wearing the collar, due to the corrosive nature of chlorine and salt, it will stay high and dry for short immersions.

The MS-5 uses our specially designed B-3V1A battery which lasts about 3 months and prevents damage to the circuitry if the battery is installed incorrectly.

NOTE: MS5 Collar ships with B-3V1A battery, which is the ONLY COMPATIBLE BATTERY FOR THIS COLLAR. Please ensure that when re-ordering batteries for this collar, B-3V1A battery is chosen.

MS-5 collars are water proof. Be aware chlorine and saltwater are corrosive, meaning metals and rubbers are likely to rust and break down (i.e. pools, ocean, etc.)

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