Smart Electronic Doggie and Kitty Pet Door for Walls or Doors

Carolina Pet Door Pros


Your Amazing Power Pet ® Door has been the nation's largest selling pet door for over seven years now because of the superior level of convenience, security and energy efficiency it offers pet owners. Over the years our engineers have continually improved its advanced design making Power Pet ® not only the most ingenious pet door on the planet but, the best built and most reliable electronic pet door made.

No other pet door on Earth even comes close to the advanced technology and performance of a genuine Power Pet, the world's only Fully Automatic Pet Door. Activated by our tiny pet worn collar, only Power Pet ® gives you pet activated, motorized activation, plus directional sensing, 4-way access control, AC or battery operation, auto safety retract and the ability of the collar to operate other pet activated devices. Plus, the Power Pet door integrates our X-10 electric fence system so you can create an entire pet activated environment all controlled by a single pet collar.

Unlike other electronic dog doors that claim to be automatic the POWER PET ® door doesn't just unlock when your pet approaches, it automatically opens under its own power, like a power car window only faster! Pets love it! And so do their owners. Power Pet Fully Automatic electric pet doors enable your pet to come and go while preventing unwanted animal friends from entering your home.

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