WiFi Controlled Smart Electronic Doggie & Kitty Pet Door

Carolina Pet Door Pros



By popular demand we are pleased to announce the introduction of our new WiFi enabled Power Pet door. If you are one of the many thousands of folk that love our Power Pet fully automated pet door, you will love the pet door that takes the Power Pet to an entirely new level. Our new WiFi Power Pet door allows you to control your door from anywhere there is an internet or cell phone connection. You can open and close the door, Activate or deactivate sensors, select the hold open function, and set up to 20 custom timers to set the exact times your pet is allowed in and out, 7 days a week. The simple app gives you all this control plus, you can see the door’s operational history in terms of total number of opens, number of times each sensor has been triggered for any selected time period (day, week, month or year.) The app also gives you full operating instructions that are always fully up to date. High Tech Pet’s patented firmware update system also brings new features to your door in real time, as we invent them.

Of course, you get all the amazing features of a genuine Power Pet® door including, Pet Collar activation, safe gravity closure with our patent pending safety retract system, quiet operation, directional sensing, 4-Way access control and Hold Open option. If it caries the Power Pet brand, it's simply the most amazing pet door on the planet!

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